Up to 80% time savings in Anilox Cylinder Cleaning with I-Lac machines

Cleaning anilox cylinders has always been one of flexo printers’ biggest concerns. If the cylinders are not perfectly clean, they reduce their transfer capacity and therefore color intensity is lost in the printing, with the consequences for production that this can have: invalid prints, longer start-up times, etc.

I-LAC solves this problem effectively thanks to the laser that deeply removes the dried ink from the interior of the cells without damaging the cylinder cells. A specially designed optical laser vaporizes any residue and cleans the remains of dried ink, adhesives, waxes, silicones, etc. Laser technology allows cleaning without exerting any mechanical or thermal action on the anilox cylinder, which allows us to clean even after each use and preserve the useful life of the anilox rollers for much longer.

Alveolo Sucio Alveolo Limpio

Accurate and reliable laser technology

The new laser anilox cleaning system uses fiber laser technology to emit a beam through a series of diodes mounted on an optical fiber. The anilox cells are completely clean, achieving a nominal contribution of 100%, being able to clean any type of color, ink base or adhesive.

During the printing processes, the ink used is deposited at the bottom of the alveolus of the anilox cylinders and the volume of the cylinders is reduced and consequently, the contribution of the cylinder is reduced.
Using laser technology, the laser anilox cleaning system removes the ink from inside the cylinder cells, extracting any type of ink, glue or varnish. In this way, 100% of the initial volume of the cylinder is recovered, being able to keep the color intensity always constant.

Sw Intuitivo

Intuitive software

The laser anilox cleaning system is controlled by a user interface that allows easy and intuitive operation of the machine without the need for additional knowledge.

Easy setup

Using the touch screen you can adjust the parameters of the anilox as well as view the cleaning status at all times.

Facil Config

Accurate and reliable laser technology

  • The fastest cleaning system on the market today with a reduction in cleaning time of up to 80% compared to other systems.

  • Capable of cleaning very high lineatures where other systems have no possibility.
  • Cylinders with a maximum ink supply. The alveolus are clean and 100% intensity is maintained.

  • Being the maximum intensity, the times of work repetitions are reduced.

  • Cleaning of any color and type of water-based, solvent-based ink, adhesives, varnishes, hardeners, etc.
  • It does not damage the surface of the material or cause wear.
  • Does not generate temperature increases on the cleaning surface.
  • It does not generate waste, does not require a pneumatic air supply or need a water intake, it only requires electrical power.
  • The user interface allows easy operation of the machine without the need for technological knowledge.
  • Compliance with international safety regulations.
  • Allows cleaning of Anilox with or without shaft.

The system cleans the surface of cylinders and anilox very efficiently using laser technology. The process is fast, simple, fully automatic and leaves the Anilox clean, achieving 100% cell volume without the use of chemicals, bicarbonates, etc. so that the machine only needs electrical power and does not generate any kind of waste.
Cleaning is carried out with a special diode laser designed to remove elements foreign to the etched ceramic surface, such as remains of dried ink, adhesives, waxes and silicones that may remain on the surface and inside the cells. All this without altering or damaging the surface.
It does not exert any mechanical action on the ceramic surface, the expelled dirt is captured by a filter after the ventilation system provided in the equipment.


The machine is controlled by a PLC and a touch screen, OMRON brand. The operator can easily enter the parameters and external measurements of the anilox and start the washing process.

Operator interface

The touch screen in addition to the configuration of the anilox, also allows to view the status of the machine at all times, time to finish the cleaning cycle, list of current alarms or alarm history, etc. The machine also has some illuminated pushbuttons and an emergency stop for easy, fast and correct operation of the unit.


The machine has a new laser with diode technology that reduces maintenance to a single intervention every 100,000 hours (on average) of operation.

Extraction system

The machine uses an extraction system that allows the capture of all the particles in a reusable filter.


The OMRON servomotor allows the positioning and linear movement (X movement) of the laser with high precision and reliability that allows all movements during the cycle automatically.

Rotation motor

The rotation motor allows the rotation of the anilox (Y movement) by means of a reducer, frequency variator and some rollers covered with rubber so as not to damage the surface of the anilox.


The door of the machine allows easy access to it and is specially designed so that the operator cannot access while the laser shoots its beam. The door complies with all regulations and if the customer opens the door during the cycle, the machine will automatically go into standby mode until the operator closes it again. With the total door opening, it can be accessed by crane.

The washing process is fully automatic and consists of the following cleaning stages:
  • Preparation: The operator will inform the diameter and width of the cylinder
  • Cleaning: The machine will automatically position the laser unit (by means of a servo motor) and start the cleaning cycle (firing the laser with horizontal movement, rotational rotation and extractor fan):
  • Completion: When the laser reaches the end of cleaning, it automatically returns to its starting position.

At the end of the cycle, the operator must open the door and remove the anilox.

Supply voltage……………………………………. 220-230 V  50Hz/60Hz

Maximum installation power……………………. 5Kw

Average consumption……………………………………………. 3Kw

The maximum cleaning speed * for a 50w laser is 4 cm2 / sec. The approximate cleaning time for the 1000mm and 150mmØ cylinder is 30 minutes *.

* NOTE: Estimated times may vary depending on the characteristics of the cylinder (linearity, contribution and saturation of the alveoli) and the configuration of the I-LAC unit.

The washing unit includes all the elements and materials necessary for the start-up and proper operation of the machine.
The customer only has to prepare the area where the machine and the power supply are to be installed.

I-LAC machines are available from a maximum length of 500 mm to 3500 mm (cylinder without shafts), covering any need, from the label sector to the case of special needs or large formats.

I-LAC F50-15

I-LAC F50-20

Maximum cleaning length (cylinder without shafts): 1500 mm

Minimum cylinder diameter: Ø50 mm

Maximum cylinder diameter: Ø350 mm

Maximum cleaning length (cylinder without shafts): 2000 mm

Minimum cylinder diameter: Ø50 mm

Maximum cylinder diameter: Ø350 mm

I LAC F50 20
I LAC F50 15


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