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This cart has been designed to carry anilox sleeves with an outer diameter of up to 200 mm


Anilox sleeve transport trolley

We are introducing our anilox sleeves transport cart, with a capacity of up to 16 pieces and a maximum height depending on the needs of the rollers, as it can be custom-made. This cart has been designed to carry anilox sleeves with an outer diameter of up to 200 mm, providing a practical and efficient solution for the transportation of your tools.
It features durable materials and wheels to facilitate easy handling and transport in any production environment. This cart offers an ideal solution for the safe and efficient transport of anilox sleeves.


There are several advantages to using a portable cart to store anilox rollers:

Mobility: A portable cart allows you to easily move anilox sleeves from one location to another without having to carry them by hand. This is particularly useful if you need to transport the rollers from a storage area to the press or vice versa.

Organization: A cart can help you keep your anilox rollers organized and in good condition. With a designated location for each one, you can easily find the one you need when it’s time to use it. In addition, a cart can prevent the anilox sleeves from moving or being damaged by other objects.

Space saving: If you have limited space in your press room or storage area, a portable trolley can be a space saving solution. By using a vertical storage system, you can store a larger number of anilox sleeves in a smaller space.

Safety: Carrying anilox sleeves can be dangerous and cause injury. Using a portable cart with proper locking mechanisms can prevent accidents and injuries.

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For added safety, protective covers can be used. These covers absorb any impacts that could potentially damage your anilox sleeves (while on the machine, during changes, storage, or transportation). They protect against ink and grease splatters and prevent fingerprints from being marked during handling. The covers are custom-made and can be fixed with Velcro in seconds inside or outside the machine. A label holder makes it easy to identify the cylinders.

The I-ASW-TT cart complements our anilox sleeves warehouse perfectly.

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Designed in modules to store all types of anilox sleeves in the Flexo sector, the ASW is a manual storage system that positions them vertically. It is designed in fixed modules that can be expanded and 100% customizable to meet the characteristics and measurements of each client.

Its structure is sturdy, easy to use on a daily basis, and safe for storage and extraction operations.

The ASW allows the client to control and ensure the entire park of anilox sleeves in their production plant quickly and orderly.

Thanks to the vertical storage structure on several levels and the possibility of registering all the products placed in each module, the functionality is very high, and the space used is reduced.

Installation and assembly are very fast, and the ASW guarantees the release of space in the storage area, avoiding possible damage to the products caused by horizontal storage for long periods and/or damage caused by accidental falls or impacts.

If you need more information or details about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the additional information you need. You can reach us by email, phone, or through our website.

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