Below you have the families of Flexography products that we offer for cylinder cleaning, ink control, mixers and scraper chambers for flexography, among others.

Features and benefits of flexo products

Among the main aspects that characterize the use of flexography are its low cost in relation to the quantity produced. Also its great attraction lies in its versatility, speed, automation and its extensive color palette. Similarly, it offers the following advantages:

  • Get to print custom packaging at high speed.
  • It offers a greater number of reproductions at a lower cost, being one of the cheapest impressions today.
  • It works with a capacity of printing from one to ten inks, which guarantees to obtain graphics with higher quality.
  • It can be used on different types of substrates, such as film prints, varnishes, plastic lamination; various types of bags and papers.
  • The kind of ink that is handled has an aqueous base, so it does not need time to dry, thus speeding up the printing process.