“For us, every problem in flexographic and rotogravure printing becomes a solution to which we can provide an innovative, efficient and easy solution to improve the productivity of personnel and the rest of the machinery used.”

Our history

Inelme is a company with over twenty years of experience providing technological solutions to professionals in flexography and rotogravure.

In 1996, Inelme developed its first ink control system “SICCT” (now I-ICS) thanks to the previous experience of years of work in the flexographic sector. SICCT brought a new concept to the control of the tone of the inks, adding the variable of temperature to the classical theory of the viscosity-color relationship.

After the ink control system, would come new  of manufacturing equipment in series fruit of the engineering, applied to the search of solutions for our customers: the automatic washing system of flexographic printers, dispensing of inks, mixers of two-component adhesives with/without solvent, anilox cleaning systems by laser, doctor blade chambers, etc.

Today, Inelme is a company present in more than forty countries throughout the world and with hundreds of equipment that make life easier for our customers and improve the production of their printers.

Innovation Works

Only if you look for new ways and new ways of tackling the same problem can you find brilliant solutions that have never been used before. This is how the story of Inelme is written, a story that has placed us in more than 40 countries as pioneers in concepts and machinery that are now fully implemented in the market and that have in some cases meant a real transformation in the way of working in the sector.

More than 25 years joining ingenuity with the use of the most advanced technology to find the solution capable of facilitating work and improving the quality of printing processes.

From the old ink concentration systems that added the variable of temperature to definitely improve the control of inks; going through the automatic washing system of flexographic printers; up to ink dispensers, adhesive mixers, anilox cleaning equipment by laser, doctor blade chambers, etc.

Experts in improving your printing business

We have been working in the field of flexographic and rotogravure printing for many years. There are many companies, work processes and the countries in which we have worked. That is why we can say that we know the business closely and deeply, that we face daily problems and try with our solutions to improve the business of our clients.

Our products always have a productive purpose and to improve the quality of the printing. And for this our R&D team where there are technicians, engineers, mechanics and developers, provides a wide know-how, with an integral vision of the flexography and rotogravure printing that allows to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency of the rest of equipment that they are used in the sector.

And all with a vocation of customer service based on trust and the real needs of our customers.