Cleaning cart for anilox rolls and doctor blade chambers


Take advantage of all the benefits of using a cleaning cart for anilox rolls and doctor blade chambers.

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I-FCC flexo cleaning cart en inglés

The ideal solution for the cleaning of anilox and doctor blade chambers

El carro de limpieza I-FCC es la solución ideal para la limpieza de anilox y cámaras de rasqueta. Este equipo se configura según las dimensiones de sus equipos, asegurando un ajuste perfecto y una limpieza efectiva. El producto de limpieza utilizado puede ser determinado por el cliente, lo que garantiza la compatibilidad con sus necesidades específicas.

Además, este carro cuenta con un tanque de retención para recuperar el producto usado, lo que lo hace
una opción amigable con el medio ambiente.

The I-FCC cleaning cart is the ideal solution for cleaning anilox and doctor blade chambers. This equipment is configured according to the dimensions of your equipment, ensuring a perfect fit and effective cleaning. The cleaning product used can be determined by the customer, ensuring compatibility with their specific needs.

In addition, this cart has a holding tank to recover the used product, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Advantages of using a cleaning trolley for anilox and doctor blade chambers

– Configurable according to the dimensions of the anilox and doctor blade chambers.
– Maintenance of your anilox and doctor blade chambers ensured
– Container for your used blades
– Trolley equipped with 4 swivel wheels
– Trolley resistant to solvents
– Economical, efficient and ergonomic
– Safe cleaning station

Guillotine for cutting of blades

The I-FCC trolley is available with the option of adding a guillotine for cutting of blades.


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