Can you imagine having the ability to clean printing anilox rolls anywhere, anytime? Now it’s possible with I-LAC Portable! This incredible laser anilox cleaning system combines the power and efficiency of fiber laser technology in a portable design, giving you the opportunity to carry out cleaning tasks conveniently and effectively, regardless of where the anilox roll is located—whether inside or outside the printing machine.

A Trusted Cleaning Companion

The I-LAC Portable is the perfect solution for printing industry professionals in need of efficient and precise cleaning for anilox cylinders. With its fiber laser technology, this device emits a high-energy beam that penetrates the anilox cells, completely eliminating any type of ink, water-based or solvent-based, or varnishes. Say goodbye to blockages and printing quality loss!

Limpieza Alveolos

¡Check out the before and after transformation after cleaning!

Portability without Compromises

The I-LAC Portable has been designed with convenience and versatility in mind, allowing you to take it with you wherever anilox roll cleaning is needed. Whether you’re in your printing workshop, another facility, or at a remote job site, our equipment will be there to provide exceptional performance and impeccable results.”

Performance and Precision

This portable device doesn’t compromise on performance or precision. With its intuitive software and touchscreen, you can easily adjust the anilox parameters and monitor the cleaning progress in real time.

An Innovative Solution for a Sustainable Future

I-LAC Portable stands out not only for its performance and portability but also for its commitment to sustainability. By utilizing fiber laser technology, this cleaning system eliminates the use of water and chemicals, thereby minimizing environmental impact. Choosing I-LAC Portable means investing not only in an efficient tool but also in a greener future.

Discover a new way to work more efficiently and enjoy superior printing results with the I-LAC Portable. Don’t settle for less, choose innovation!

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